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piatok 30. marca 2012

New polishes

Hi :)
It is finally FRIDAY! :) This week I got two new polishes Flormar from my great auntie - light pink and silver. I really liked the colours. After one coat I was little bit disappointed, because it was really light, but after second coat I was more than satisfied :) The colours were great! On left hand, I decided to paint all nails except ring finger with silver polish and ring finger with pink. On right hand, all nails pink, ring finger silver.
Hope you will have great weekend! :))

by Laura :*:)

3 komentáre:

  1. Cute nails! I love that you painted the ring finger a different colour. Have a marvelous weekend!


  2. skvělá kombinace...ta ruzova se mi moc liibi...
    jsem tva nova clenka.

  3. That pink color looks so sweet! <3