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streda 3. septembra 2014

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Hey there blogging world!
It has been such a long time since I have been here. I do miss it although I still remember why I stopped (and there were more reasons than just no free time at all during my senior year). Nevermind, I feel like I have not been very creative recently therefore I decided to blog again. It is fun and now, when I am starting college, it will be a nice place to run to when I am overwhelmed, won't it? :) And there is one more reason I am back - I have got a new camera!!! So excited about it haha. And this is an awesome place where I can use it (does this sentence make a sence?).
I am really looking forward to writing new posts and dedicating some of my free time to my little blogging world :)
Have a great day blogger friends, I will talk to you again soon!

by Laura :* :)

utorok 6. augusta 2013

New York, New York

Hi everyone!
So I am back home from my exchange in Minnesota. It is so bittersweet! I love being back home, but I miss my American life A LOT!! Hopefully I will have more time for blogging here that I had in America, because I didn't have any there. And the truth is, that there wasn't much to blog about because I got so lazy in dressing up...
Today I want to put some from New York where I spent my last week in USA with my parents. You can't even imagine how happy I was to see them after 10 months! It was unbelievable! And immediately during the first day I found out that I couldn't speak my own language anymore. Oooopsie haha :) But it's getting better now :)

Sooo here are the pictures:

I was soooo EXCITED to see Chicago Broadway show!!!!!
*good morning upper-easter-siders*

Oh I miss Starbucks...:(

Pianos in front of Opera :)

 And yeah, there is never enough pictures on skyscrapers:

by Laura :*:)

streda 12. decembra 2012

Mint Nail Polish

Hi! :)
I have bought a new nail polish recently. I saw everybody having a mint one so decided to buy it, too. I had wanted to buy it for a long time, but I couldn`t find any I liked. Actually I didn`t really "fall in love" with this one when I saw it for the first time, but decided to buy though. And it really surprised me! I love it! The color is pastel, it looks really nice when you paint it and you need just one layer and it still looks perfect :)
It is from Maybelline and it was quite cheap - $2.99. The other thing that surprised me was that it was the only mint nail polish in Target! I don`t know where other girls bought theirs...
I am looking forward to summer, because pastel colors always look better when your hands are tanned! :)

by Laura :*:)

sobota 24. novembra 2012

Black Friday Shopping!!

Hey ladies!! :)
This Thanksgiving was my first one :) And I enjoyed the longer weekend so much! On Thursday (Thanksgiving day) big part of my hostfamily came to our house and we had a big lunch. I really enjoyed this time, because I am "family type" of person. I love my Slovak family and I love our family moments. And meetings of my american hostfamily are always nice too :)
On Thursday evening I had to make a hard decision... When to go "Black Friday" shopping haha :) For those who haven't heard about it before, Black Friday is Friday after Thanksgiving, when all shops open really early in the morning and they have crazy sales. They are usually big crowds waiting for the opening and then they run to shop to get something with a big sale. The biggest craziness is about electronics, but stores with clothes are busy, too.
My first decision was to go shopping at 9am. A lot of shops opened already at midnight, but I told myself that I am not one of those crazy people. I am!! Hahaha :) The turning point was when I saw a tweet of one girl - "Going to Victoria's Secret at midnight #$25hoodies #$25leggins". Honestly, you just can't miss this!!! I was kind of afraid to go to mall at midnight, I didn't want to be killed by a bunch of crazy women who desperately wanted Victoria's Secret leggins for only $25 haha :) But I definitely wanted to be there early in the morning. After about hours of thinking about pros and cons I decided to leave house at 4am. It meant waking up at 3.30am... Crazy! :) And it was so much fun!!! I bought so many lovely things! :) And I bought Christmas gifts for my family, too :) So these are some things I bought (sorry for such a bad quality of  the pics):
1. Sweater from cjp; saled from $25 to $12
    It is soft and super comfy.
2. Hollister - 40% off everything in the store!!!! I love that store, so I had to leave before I bought everything in the store. Finally I bought these tops. They have same shape, but the stripped one is more like T-shirt and the white one is like thin sweater. I am gonna wear a tank top under them because they have kind of bigger decolt and you can see throught the white one haha :)

3. Aeropostale - 60% off everything in the store!!! I bought a shirt. The price - from $44.50 to $17.80. Nice deal, isn't it? :)

4. American Eagle Outfiters - 40% off almost everything in the store!! I bought jeans. From $50 to about $26. They are typical darker skinny jeans. I don't know why, but dark jeans fit me better than light one, so all my jeans look kind of similar :)

5. And finally Under Armour sweatshirts. There was no sale on them, but I wanted to buy them anyways :) The neon yellow one is for me and dark grey is Christmas gift for my brother (hopefully he will not see this article haha).

Have a nice Sunday!!! :)

by Laura :*:)

utorok 5. júna 2012

New denim skirt

Hi darlings :)
This new denim skirt is my another birthday present. This one is from my auntie. Thank you so much! I got from her also beautiful T-shirt, you will see it later :)
I combined this skirt simply with black T-shirt, brown sweater, brown bag and heels. What do you think about it? :)

Sweater - Gate
Skirt - Terranova
Shoes - Deichmann
Bag - H&M

by Laura :*:)

utorok 29. mája 2012

Shining in the dark

Hello darlings :)
I had very distinctive outfit today. You would see me from 100 km distance :D I put on new neon sweater I got as birthday present from my parents. It is great, I totally love it! :) And it goes perfectly with trainers I bought in London. What do you think about it? :)


Sweater - Zara
Jeans - Pimkie
Trainers - Primark

by Laura :*:)

pondelok 28. mája 2012

Neon cracking nails

What´s up ladies? :)
Have you ever tried cracking polish? I did so. I was little bit surprised, the polish cracked in thin lines, not the way I expected to. But no matter, I was satisfied :) I used black cracking polish and my advice is not to paint whole nail with the cracking polish only half of it, maybe less. I tried two types of cracking polishes - Essence and Miss Sporty. I would recommend you Essence more :)

First, paint your nails with whatever colours you want. I chose neon polishes I bought in Primark in London and painted each nail with different colour. These polishes were good and lasted relatively long :) The blue one is Pupa and it is also great :)

Then just paint a thin coat of cracking polish on half of your nail and watch how it cracks :)

That´s it! It is simple, quick and attention attracting. You wouldn´t believe how many people asked me how I did it :D

by Laura :*:)