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streda 3. septembra 2014

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Hey there blogging world!
It has been such a long time since I have been here. I do miss it although I still remember why I stopped (and there were more reasons than just no free time at all during my senior year). Nevermind, I feel like I have not been very creative recently therefore I decided to blog again. It is fun and now, when I am starting college, it will be a nice place to run to when I am overwhelmed, won't it? :) And there is one more reason I am back - I have got a new camera!!! So excited about it haha. And this is an awesome place where I can use it (does this sentence make a sence?).
I am really looking forward to writing new posts and dedicating some of my free time to my little blogging world :)
Have a great day blogger friends, I will talk to you again soon!

by Laura :* :)