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piatok 27. apríla 2012

Knit my back

New outfit here :) Today we should have taken pictures of our class (finally we didn´t, but that is not what I want to write about :D). I decided to put on my new sweater from Spain, bought in Pull and Bear. I love it! Especially the crochet back :) And because the weather is very hot now, I combined the sweater with white shorts and white T-shirt. Do you like it? :)

Sweater - Pull and Bear
T-shirt - Terranova
Shorts - Pimkie
Sneakers - Deichmann

Have a beautiful weekend!
by Laura :*:)

štvrtok 26. apríla 2012

Sunny pics from Spain

Hola! :)
After one week I am adding here new edit - pictures from Murcia, beautiful city in Spain, where I spent the wonderful week. I was there for an exchange with Spanish students. I have to say that I felt in love with Spain and Spanish lifestyle, which is a lot different from ours in Slovakia.
Spanish breakfast are smaller than Slovakian and usually sweet. After three lessons in a school they have snack (about 11:30) and lunch is much more later than in Slovakia - about 15:00-16:00 o´clock. After lunch almost everybody has siesta and relaxes (my favourite part of day :D) The dinner is also very late - about 21:00-22:00 at night.
Here are some photos:

Murcian beautiful cathedral

Town hall

In front of the church Fuensanta, from where you can see whole Murcia

Hippie market


Delicious frozen yogurt :)

All of us really enjoyed great hot weather and amazing seaside :)
I just love taking pictures on the beach! The colour of sea is gorgeous :) And the picture of me making gymnastics can´t miss! :D

Beautiful shores:

Wish you a great day!

by Laura :*:)

utorok 17. apríla 2012

All Those Double Deckers: Taste of London

Hello darlings :) Here are another pics from London - pictures of London cuisine :) The best part was in Camden markets, where you can taste cuisine of many, many countries throughout the world and everything seems delicious :)

Sweet crepes :)

Fruits, chocolate and nuts...Do you know better combination?

Sushi :)

Eating on Camden markets on seats from motorbikes :)

Crazy M&M world - shop full of M&M sweats, toys and clothes. Heaven for each child! :)

In London you can find Starbucks on each step, I couldn´t believe how many Starbucks were there!

Paella in Covent Garden:

Traditional Fish & Chips, it was really good!

London Chinatown

by Laura :*:)

nedeľa 15. apríla 2012

Friday = Daffodil Day

Hello :)
The last Friday was daffodil day. I love it! When I see all those people having daffodils on their coats, T-shirts or bags, I feel like a part of something big. Everybody supports good thing and are connected at least for one day. Hope you didn´t forget to buy one :) Remember, yellow is IN this year :)
Here are three outfits I made on Polyvore. If you want to know from where these things are, check it here.

And here is what I wore on Friday. I didn´t put on yellow clothes, but I think, that pink is also bright and you just can´t not to see daffodil on it :P

This is my new bag I bought in London in one lovely shop in Camden markets. The shop was full with bags, T-shirts or purses with pictures like this one. What I liked the most was, that each one was original and you couldn´t find there two similar things :) I feel very "special" with this bag, because no one other has it :) If you visit London don´t forget to go to Camden markets. They have great atmosphere and you can taste there cusine from the whole world.


My funny earrings from Six :) I got them from my auntie :* Have also yellow and blue one :)

One of my favourite sneakers :)
Top - Reserved
Sweater - H&M
Jeggins - Pimkie
Sneakers - Puma
Bag - Candem markets
Earrings - Six
Elephant necklace - Gate

by Laura :*:)

štvrtok 12. apríla 2012

Need relax

I am soo tired. I was learning yesterday night and slept very shortly :/ Fortunately I don´t have to do anything in this afternoon, just relax :) I made myself a cup of tea and I am going to read blogs and fashion magazines I bought in London. Finally! I didn´t have time last days at all...Also going to paint my nails :)

And another outfit:

Have a nice day! :)

by Laura :*:)

utorok 10. apríla 2012

All Those Double Deckers: Typical London

Hi! :)
I am back from London. It was AWESOME! I didn´t have internet in my hotel, so now I am going to add here a series of pics called All Those Double Deckers. Starting with typical things, that you can meet at each step. Double deckers, London cabs, telephone booths... They are everywhere, famous and I was really excited when I saw them for the first time :)

I loved traveling on these coaches

So cute :) I didn´t see anyone using telephone booths in whole London, but I can´t imagine London without them.

little bit edited this picture :)

Alright, this cab wasn´t so typical :D

No bathing in Hyde Park

I was really confused because of cars driving on the left side of the road. These warnings were on each crosswalk and it helped me a lot! :D
Next pics coming soon :)

by Laura :*:)