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pondelok 28. mája 2012

Neon cracking nails

What´s up ladies? :)
Have you ever tried cracking polish? I did so. I was little bit surprised, the polish cracked in thin lines, not the way I expected to. But no matter, I was satisfied :) I used black cracking polish and my advice is not to paint whole nail with the cracking polish only half of it, maybe less. I tried two types of cracking polishes - Essence and Miss Sporty. I would recommend you Essence more :)

First, paint your nails with whatever colours you want. I chose neon polishes I bought in Primark in London and painted each nail with different colour. These polishes were good and lasted relatively long :) The blue one is Pupa and it is also great :)

Then just paint a thin coat of cracking polish on half of your nail and watch how it cracks :)

That´s it! It is simple, quick and attention attracting. You wouldn´t believe how many people asked me how I did it :D

by Laura :*:)

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  1. beautiful colours :) I'm following you :)

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  2. Cute look!

  3. I recently tried it, and I thought it was pretty cool. Best part is that you can do it pretty sloppily, and it still looks nice, lol!

    I like your neon colors.

  4. love this !!! :)
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  5. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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  6. ah i just saw this pattern the other day and will definitely have to try out!