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utorok 6. augusta 2013

New York, New York

Hi everyone!
So I am back home from my exchange in Minnesota. It is so bittersweet! I love being back home, but I miss my American life A LOT!! Hopefully I will have more time for blogging here that I had in America, because I didn't have any there. And the truth is, that there wasn't much to blog about because I got so lazy in dressing up...
Today I want to put some from New York where I spent my last week in USA with my parents. You can't even imagine how happy I was to see them after 10 months! It was unbelievable! And immediately during the first day I found out that I couldn't speak my own language anymore. Oooopsie haha :) But it's getting better now :)

Sooo here are the pictures:

I was soooo EXCITED to see Chicago Broadway show!!!!!
*good morning upper-easter-siders*

Oh I miss Starbucks...:(

Pianos in front of Opera :)

 And yeah, there is never enough pictures on skyscrapers:

by Laura :*:)

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