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piatok 9. marca 2012

Je t'aime

I love my grandparents!
They were in Paris and bought me a lot of new clothes. As usual :) They can choose really nice clothes and always tell me about new fashion in Paris. Thank you! :)) Here are few things they bought. Pics of me were made very quickly and I am ill now and I don´t have make up, so please don´t judge them :D:P

New black trainers :) I love them!

This is new fashion in Paris. Everybody wears them. Have you seen them before? Do you like it?
Unfortunately, there are too small for my feet...

Headband from Zara

Trousers from H&M

Red T-shirt and brown sweater are also new :)

New T-shirt from C&A. I love that text :)
(Trainers - Puma)

by Laura :*:)

5 komentárov:

  1. No way, I am so jealous! What awesome grandparents!
    Haha, seriously drooling over those black trainers. They are too cool <3
    And I've seen people wear shoes like those red ones. They can look really fashionable if dressed up right.
    Great headband too, those are my fave accessories during summer :)

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    1. Thank you :) I was little bit sad when I found out that those red shoes are too small for me...I will buy another one :) and you forgot to follow me. Just kiding :D
      I like that necklace in your giveaway :) I will join it :)

  2. Tento komentár bol odstránený autorom.

  3. you are looking so cute !

  4. Oh my... those red shoes are gorgeous! :)