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štvrtok 26. apríla 2012

Sunny pics from Spain

Hola! :)
After one week I am adding here new edit - pictures from Murcia, beautiful city in Spain, where I spent the wonderful week. I was there for an exchange with Spanish students. I have to say that I felt in love with Spain and Spanish lifestyle, which is a lot different from ours in Slovakia.
Spanish breakfast are smaller than Slovakian and usually sweet. After three lessons in a school they have snack (about 11:30) and lunch is much more later than in Slovakia - about 15:00-16:00 o´clock. After lunch almost everybody has siesta and relaxes (my favourite part of day :D) The dinner is also very late - about 21:00-22:00 at night.
Here are some photos:

Murcian beautiful cathedral

Town hall

In front of the church Fuensanta, from where you can see whole Murcia

Hippie market


Delicious frozen yogurt :)

All of us really enjoyed great hot weather and amazing seaside :)
I just love taking pictures on the beach! The colour of sea is gorgeous :) And the picture of me making gymnastics can´t miss! :D

Beautiful shores:

Wish you a great day!

by Laura :*:)

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  1. What beautiful pictures, they make me excited about our possible trip to Spain and Portugal this summer!

  2. Wonderful photos!!

    Want to follow each other? :)

  3. such pretty pictures, also holy cow i cannot believe you can put your body like that!! thats amazing!!