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štvrtok 12. apríla 2012

Need relax

I am soo tired. I was learning yesterday night and slept very shortly :/ Fortunately I don´t have to do anything in this afternoon, just relax :) I made myself a cup of tea and I am going to read blogs and fashion magazines I bought in London. Finally! I didn´t have time last days at all...Also going to paint my nails :)

And another outfit:

Have a nice day! :)

by Laura :*:)

6 komentárov:

  1. Marie Claire is one of my favorite magazines.

  2. I love Instyle Mag! A new follower here!

  3. This is a darling that cozy sweater and your cute purse. Now you've made me want a fashion magazine...don't have the budget to buy many now, and I miss them!!!

    Following your blog :)

    <3 Cambria

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  4. love the photos! following :)
    emma xo

    1. i need a day to just catch up on mags and blogs! Love your outfit here...those boots are nice!

  5. gah, sorry about my above comment being in the wrong place!